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Kings Heath to Digbeth  - Culture, Creativity and some wonderful Parks – enjoy our trail!

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Start at The Art Rooms in Kings Heath.

You will find the Art Rooms at 3-5 High Street, Kings Heath. 

Start your trail with some great creativity from some extremely talented artists and creatives.  Grab a coffee and go and see what’s on display.

Art Rooms in Kings Heath

Art Rooms is a physical space (indoors and outdoors) and a virtual gallery for use by creatives in hosting events, maker spaces, arts markets and performances.

Art Rooms at Kings Heath. Photography by Art Rooms.


Out of the Art Rooms and turn right heading towards Moseley.  You will see the entrance to Highbury Park and Highbury Hall on the opposite side of the road.

While you could spend a whole day exploring this wonderful park and hall, we’d certainly recommend you drop in as part of the trail.

Highbury Park

Highbury Park is a beautiful open green space, is home to a variety of wildlife and plant species and has the largest variety of trees of any park in Birmingham.


Highbury Park. Photography by Elliott Brown. 


Highbury Hall

Highbury Hall is Grade II listed building built for Joseph Chamberlain in 1879. 


Highbury Hall. Photography by Elliott Brown. 


After this, head back to the junction of Alcester Road and head to Moseley.

Moseley Park and Pool

A visit to this amazing private park and pool will need to be arranged beforehand and it may be you choose between this and Highbury Park and Hall as your park and heritage experience on the trail.


Moseley Park and Pool.  Photography by Karl Newton.


Brought on a thirst or time for lunch? Try the historic Fighting Cocks opposite.

The Fighting Cocks

There has been a Pub on this site since 1750. It was originally called the ‘Fox and Dogs’ and was developed out of a village inn known as The Red Lion.


The Fighting Cocks. Photography by Elliott Brown. 


Refreshed it’s now time for a good walk down Alcester Road to the Moseley Road Baths.

Moseley Road Baths

Moseley Road Baths in Balsall Heath is the oldest of three Grade II* Listed swimming pools in Britain and is a magnificent example of Birmingham's great history & heritage.


Moseley Road Baths. Photography by FreeTimePays. 


Opposite the Moseley Road Baths is another art gallery well worth a visit.

Ort Gallery

Ort Gallery is an artist-led exhibition space in Balsall Heath, Birmingham with the social mission to facilitate dialogue in the community.


Ort Gallery. Photography by Ort Gallery.


Out of Balsall Heath, head over towards Highgate and another Park.

Highgate Park

Highgate Park is an inner city park and has a play area and a basketball court / football pitch. From the park, there are good views of the City skyline. Highgate Park opened in 1875.


Highgate Park. Photography by Elliott Brown.


Then close to the Park is another Grade II listed building, now a hotel.


Paragon Hotel. Photography by Elliott Brown. 

Paragon Hotel is a magnificent Victorian Gothic style six-storey hotel. It was built in 1903 as Rowton House and was originally owned by Lord Rowton.


Now it’s a short walk to our next great showcase of Birmingham history.

Follow our route map and head down towards Digbeth and the City Centre.

The Old Crown

The Old Crown is believed to be one of the oldest buildings, if not the oldest, in Birmingham, with a history dating back to 1450. It is a must visit for followers of history and architecture.


The Old Crown. Photogrphy by Elliott Brown. 


Over the road on the same side as The Old Crown is the Custard Factory.

Custard Factory

The Custard Factory in Digbeth has been at the heart of much of the City’s history and will be at the heart of its future as a location of art, creativity and innovation.


The Custard Factory. Photography by Fay Loewy..


Birmingham, in particular Digbeth and Southside, has one of the greatest collections of street art to be found anywhere in the world.

Let’s finish the trail with an absolute gem, a mural created by highly talented street artist Gent 48 that will be forever a memory of our time in fighting the pandemic.

“Forward in Unity”

This amazing mural, an inspiration of Paul Cadman and the team at Art4Charity was created in 2020 and is such a great place to end our trail.

"Forward in Unity".  A mural by Gent 48 commissioned by Art4Charity


We hope you have enjoyed your trail with us.


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