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Modern architecture - Birmingham (City Centre) trail

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Can we suggest for this trail you start at the Selfridges building in St Martin's Square.

The Selfridges Building

The Selfridges Building is an icon of modern architecture at the Bullring.

The Selfridges Building.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Go HERE for more about the Selfridges Building.

The Rotunda

The Rotunda is an iconic Birmingham circular tower at the Bullring end of New Street.

Go HERE for more about the Rotunda

The Rotunda.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Grand Central

Grand Central opened in 2015 and is a huge shopping and leisure complex located above the redeveloped Birmingham New Street. 

Go HERE for more about Grand Central

Grand Central.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Colmore Gate

Colmore Gate is a 70 metre (15 floor) high office and retail building with a lift shaft on the outide of the building.  It blends a traditional look with modern materials and style.

Go HERE for more about Colmore Gate

Colmore Gate, Birmingham, UK - Architecture with Community

Colmore Gate.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

The Wesleyan

The Wesleyan is located at Colmore Square, Birmingham B4 6AR and was built between 1988 to 1991 for the Wesleyan and General Assurance Society. 

Go HERE for more about The Wesleyan

Introducing The Wesleyan, Birmingham, UK

The Wesleyan.  Photography by Elliott Brown

Three Snowhill

Three Snowhill is the final of three massive office buildings in the Colmore Business District.

Go HERE for more about Three Snowhill

Three Snowhill.  Photography by Daniel Sturley


103 Colmore Row

At 108 metres tall. 103 Colmore Row, at the time of approval, was recorded as the largest new office building to be constructed outside London. It is most definitely one of Birmingham's modern architectural gems.

Go HERE for more about 103 Colmore Row

103 Colmore Row.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

One Chamberlain Square

1st building of ten in the overall ‘Paradise’ 1.8 million sqft development includes 172,000 sq ft offices (taken up in its entirety by PwC) and up to 11,000 sq ft restaurant/bar space. Development partners include Paradise Circus Limited Partnership (PCLP) (Birmingham City Council and BT Pension Scheme), Hermes Investment Management & Argent. Architect is Eric Parry Architects. Contractor is BAM.

Go HERE for more about One Chamberlain Square

One Chamberlain Square.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Two Chamberlain Square

Two Chamberlain Square is a build for commercial use that includes 183,000 sq.ft of grade A offices over 8 floors. There will also be 2,780 to 4,310 sq. ft of retail units available.

Go HERE for more about Two Chamberlain Square

Two Chamberlain Square.  Photography by Elliott Brown

Alpha Tower

Alpha Tower at 30 floors and 100 metres high stands tall and proud in Arena Central. 

Go HERE for more about Alpha Tower

Alpha Tower.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

One Centenary Square

One Centenary Square (HSBC UK) is the first completed at the massive Arena Central development.

Go HERE for more about One Centenary Square

One Centenary Square.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

The Library of Birmingham

The Library of Birmingham, which opened in September 2013, is one of the most photographed of modern builds in the City. It is estimated to have cost £188.8 million to build.

Go HERE for more about the Library of Birmingham

The Library of Birmingham.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

The Repertory Theatre

The Birmingham Rep as it is commonly known moved into its now home in Centenary Square in 1971. Since then it has seen a number of refurbishments and extensions as the Square has developed.

Go HERE for more about the Rep Theatre

The Rep Theatre.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

The Hyatt Regency Hotel

The 5* Hyatt Regency Hotel, prominently located in the centre of Birmingham, is a great example of modern architecture and is a build of real interest to both locals and visitors.

Go HERE for more about the Hyatt Regency Hotel

The Hyatt Regency Hotel.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Symphony Hall

A new sweeped, curved extension and remodelling of Birmingham's famous Symphony Hall.

Go HERE for more about the Symphony Hall

Symphony Hall.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

The International Convention Centre (ICC)

The ICC, designed by Percy Thomas, is the city's major conference venue and was opened by Queen Elizabeth II in June 1991. Located between Centenary Square and the Canalside.

Go HERE for more about the ICC

The ICC.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Arena Birmingham

The National Indoor Arena was built in 1991. Also known as The NIA Birmingham (from the 4th October 1991 until 1st December 2014). The building was redeveloped in 2013 and 2014 and reopened at the end of that year as the Barclaycard Arena. Now branded Utilita Arena Birmingham. 

Go HERE for more about Arena Birmingham

Utilita Arena Birmingham.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Three Brindleyplace

Three Brindleyplace, part of the Argent development and completed in April 1998, is a unique build designed by Greek architects Demetri Porphyrios.  Amongst the unique features of Three Brindleyplace is the full-height glazed atrium which consists of a light post-and-spandrel structure. 

Go HERE for more about Three Brindleyplace

Three Brindleyplace.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Five Brindleyplace

Five Brindleyplace offers 120,000 sq feet of office space, is part of the Argent development at Brindleyplace and the majority of the build is leased by Deutsche Bank.

Go HERE for more about Five Brindleyplace

Introducing Five Brindleyplace, Birmingham, UK

Five Brindleyplace.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Eleven Brindleyplace

Eleven Brindleyplace is a 13 storey office build designed by architects Glenn Howells, and completed in June 2009, part of an Argent development in Brindleyplace.

Go HERE for more about Eleven Brindleyplace

Eleven Brindleyplace.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Bank Birmingham

Bank Birmingham is two towers of 22 and 32 floors on Broad Street, Bank Tower Two is 100m high and both towers are fully residential.

Go HERE for more about Bank Birmingham

Bank Birmingham Towers One and Two.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

The Mercian

The Mercian, otherwise known as Moda Tower, is an under construction 132 metre high mixed-use skyscraper located on Broad Street, Birmingham.

Go HERE for more about The Mercian

The under-construction The Mercian.  Photography by Stephen Giles

Three Arena Central

Three Arena Central (HMRC Midlands) is the third of the completed buildings at the Arena Central Site.

Go HERE for more about Three Arena Central

Three Arena Central.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Holiday Inn Express Birmingham Central

Holiday Inn Express Birmingham Central is located on Holliday Street at Arena Central. Known by some locals as the 'Minecraft' building.

Go HERE for more about Holiday Inn Express Birmingham Central

Holiday Inn Express Birmingham Central.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

The Cube

The Cube was built between 2007 and 2010.  It is located near The Mailbox alongside the Worcester & Birmingham Canal on Commercial Street and near Washington Wharf at B1 1RN. The architect was Ken Shuttleworth of Make Architects. The Cube is one of Birmingham's iconic builds and is much loved by the City and photographers.

Go HERE for more about The Cube

The Cube.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

The Orion Building

The Orion Building in Birmingham is a 90 metre high residential build located on Navigation Street, Birmingham completed in 2007.

Go HERE for more about the Orion Building

Introducing Orion Building, Birmingham, UK

The Orion Building.  Photography by Daniel Sturley

Beetham Tower

Beetham Tower, home to Radisson Hotel, and located at 10 Holloway Circus was completed in January 2006. It is named after the developers Beetham.

Go HERE for more about the Beetham Tower

Beetham Tower.  Photography by Daniel Sturley


Trail ends.


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