'Wattilisk' - Great Public Art


The Wattilisk was unveiled in 1987 outside of the Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts. It was sculpted by Vincent Woropay. It depicts James Watt and others.

Public art: Wattilisk - Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts

Designer: Vincent Woropay

Depicts James Watt and others based on Egyptian obelisks and Native American totem poles. The obelisk was made in 1987. It was made of Black Indian granite and is 12 feet high.

Where? Outside Queen Elizabeth II Law Courts near Newton Street and Dalton Street. There is a nearby road between Corporation Street and Dalton Street called James Watt Street.

WattiliskPhotography by Elliott Brown


Photography by Daniel Sturley

Project dates

24 Sep 2022 - On-going


History & heritage, Civic pride, Art; Culture & creativity


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