Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham - A wonderful open space!

Cannon Hill Park is the most popular park in Birmingham covering 250 acres. It consists of formal, conservation, woodland and sports areas and was opened to visitors in 1873.

Where to find the Park

Cannon Hill Park is a huge park and there are three main entrances on Russell Road B13 8RD, Edgbaston Road and Pershore Road.

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Not to be missed

No matter what the time of year and season, a visit to Cannon Hill Park in Birmingham is always a delight.  It is also a park with a fascinating history and has so much to offer families, whether living in Birmingham or visiting the city.

Beautiful sunset scene at Cannon Hill Park. Photography by Peter Leadbetter.


The Midlands Art Centre (The MAC)

Grab a coffee and a bite to eat at the cafe.  Explore this wonderful arts complex which hosts a mix of theatre, dance, and music, complete with its own cinema and workshops. 

The MAC Cannon Hill Park


Woodlands at Cannon Hill Park

Cannon Hill Park is made up of 80 acres of formal parkland and 120 acres of conservation area and woodland plantation. Enjoy a wonderful stroll through the woodland! 

Centenary Woodland Cannon Hill Park


The Golden Lion

The Golden Lion was originally built in 1520 in Deritend.  The original site is believed to have been a clergy house and a school before becoming an Inn.  It was moved to Cannon Hill Park in 1911.

The Golden Lion Cannon Hill Park


The Bandstand

This is a Grade II listed Victorian bandstand built in the 19th century with a blue-brick and stone base, cast iron columns and a curved pavilion roof.  It dates to circa 1880 to 1890.

Bandstand Cannon Hill Park


"Infinite Wave"

Prince Harry unveiled this memorial dedicated to those killed and affected by the two terrorist attacks in Tunisia in 2015.  Infinite Wave was designed by George King Architects.


Elan Valley Project Model

Explore the city's connection with Elan Valley in Wales which supplied much of the city's water for more than 100 years.


Friends of Cannon Hill Park

This is a voluntary group dedicated to the preservation, improvement and enjoyment of the Park

Go HERE for more about Friends of Cannon Hill Park.


History of the park

Cannon Hill Park was donated to the citizens of Birmingham by Miss Louisa Ryland who wanted the Park to be a source of healthy recreation for the people of Birmingham.  Louisa Ryland's wish was that "'the Park may prove a source of healthful recreation to the people of Birmingham, and that they will aid in the protection and preservation of what is now their property".

Louisa Ryland blue plaque

The area of Cannon Hill in Birmingham is supposedly named as it was the resting point of Royalist troops on their way to the Battle of Naseby in June 1645.

The park was designed by Mr T J Gibson who was one of the pre-eminent park designers of his day. Cannon Hill Park is home to a Grade II listed bandstand that is set in a natural amphitheatre and this was all part of the original layout.

To create the park Louisa Ryland engaged John T Gibson of Battersea to landscape the park.

John Gibson created the two large lakes we see in the park today.  In 1897, following on from Louisa Rylands example, more land was added to the park by John Holder who gave a further 7 acres of land.  Then in 1898, an additional 5 acres were acquired to straighten the channel of the River Rea. Trees along Queens Ride were planted to commemorate the deaths in World War One of 250 young men who were members of the scouting movement.

Much of Gibsons vision of Cannon Hill Park is still visible behind more modern additions present today.   

There are a number of memorials and historical features within the park they include:

Amongst the memorials, sculptures and historical features at the park are The Boer War memorial, The Scout Memorial, a scaled model of the Elan Valley Reservoirs, The Golden Lion Inn (a 16th-century timbered house originally from Deritend), the Red Carriage Bridge and of course the Bandstand.

A further amazing sculpture called 'Infinate Wave', unveiled by Prince Harry, is in memory of the 31 British victims of the 2015 Sousse Terror Attack in Tunisia.


Winter at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham

A beautiful winters day in Cannon Hill Park.  Photography by Pete Davies.


Spring at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham

Spring flowers and tulips on display in Spring at Cannon Hill Park.  Photography by Elliott Brown.


Summer at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham

Summer's always a beautiful time of the year at Cannon Hill Park. Photography by Karl Newton. 


Autumn at Cannon Hill Park, Birmingham

The changing colours of Autumn at Cannon Hill Park.  Photography by Karl Newton.


Recreational activities

There are many recreational activities at the park to enjoy including boating, fishing, bowls, tennis, crazy golf to name just a few. There is plenty of space for that all important picnic.

Swan Lake Boating. Photography by Elliott Brown

The Midland Art Centre (MAC) is situated within the park, and offers a huge range of creative activities including theatre, film, dance, crafts, creative arts and poetry.

The Midland Art Centre (MAC). Photography by Elliott Brown


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