Introducing Northfield - a neighbourhood of Birmingham

Northfield is a neighbourhood of Birmingham located close to the border of Worcestershire and just over 7 miles from the City Centre. Take our feature for more about Northfield.

Northfield, as a ward, has a population of approximately10,000.  To support its community, its digital capabilities and promote it as a neighbourhood, a digital platform has been created at


Northfield We Are - for more about Northfield


Northfield Trail - for a digital tour of Northfield.


For passions and interests - take the links below

Parks, waterways and open spaces in Northfield

Victoria Common.


History, Heritage and Culture in Northfield 

The Great Stone.


Shops and Shopping in Northfield 

Northfield Shopping Centre. 


Places to meet and relax in Northfield

Northfield Library


People & community
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